Dap is an actively managed asset powered by the Ethereum blockchain and its growing parts.

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DapLabs & Bloc (DAP)

Daplabs acts as a treasury for Bloc token(Dap). We carry out many different risk management strategies to ensure Dap is a liquid and sustainable investment instrument for shareholders.


Dap is derived from the Ebonic term that bears its name. Dap in ebonics is simply a way of exchanging value with another person. Bloc token(Dap) can be used to hold and exchange value on the blockchain.


Great investments arise during paradigm-shifting opportunities. The Advent of the internet was the most recent of these before Blockchain. Through the internet, millions of companies were formed to give us the thriving tech industry we have today. 


Blockchain will propel us even further. It offers the lowest barrier of entry ever for a paradigm shifting technology.  Millions of companies are being built using Blockchain technology. Blockchain has grown substantially in value because of this phenomenon.Bloc Token(Dap) is our contribution to the growth of the space.

Buy Dap today , and get a head start on your digital economic future. 



Core Team

Lisa Jing - Chairwoman

Chiason Tenkiang - Chief Executive Officer

Jamez Gray - Director of Data Operations

Our Team background consist of Information Technology, Business Management, Policy , Graphic Design, and 8 years of investment research in Blockchain.

Kyler Murray - Social Media Manager

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Ourbloc LLC - Principal Consultant


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